What is the best massage chair for you?

Whenever we speak to customers buying massage chairs we often hear the same set of questions.

Every customer is different and the most expensive chair isn’t always the best massage chair for every individuals specific requirements.

We do our best to address as many anticipated questions as possible on our web-site but just like us – many customers feel more comfortable speaking to someone to help solve those queries.


Many customers want to know:

Where can I try a massage chair?,

How long do I wait before I receive it after purchase?

What would you recommend for my budget, size and circumstance?

How much is freight going to cost?

Where are the chairs made?

What is after-sales support like? What happened if something goes wrong?


Many of these questions and more are covered in our FAQ’s section: Click here.

But for more knowledge and assistance with that final decision making step, our team is here to help.


What we are increasingly being asked though are some more pointed questions

Why are your competitors so expensive?

How can this competitors’ massage chair cost $15,000 – what does it do that yours doesn’t?

Please tell me you’re Australian as I want to know I am dealing with a local company!


We have found, in our 16 years of experience selling fantastic massage chairs online and creating a great in-home experience for our customers, is you need more information to make an informed decision. We don’t harass you with high pressure sales tactics, nor hound you with many phone calls, nor offer heavy discounts off high prices (others can offer up to 50% off just to get a sale).

We wish only to guide you and make the best recommendation based on your personal circumstance.

Our experience tells us that if you buy a massage chair from our range, you will thoroughly enjoy the experience and tell your friends and family, leading to many a satisfied customer. This makes us happy, and you relaxed, and isn’t that what we are all looking for!

Buying the best massage chair for you should be a stress-free relaxing experience that you enjoy – we want to help and share in that experience.

Purchasing a massage chair can be a big investment, but an investment in your relaxation and comfort is certainly worth it. As an Australian owned business of 16 years focussed solely on relaxation and wellness, Relaxation Station seek to source the best products from overseas manufacturers and have them available for you here in Australia.


As always when you purchase a Relaxation Station massage chair, you can expect:

  • Built with high quality workmanship and finish
  • A FULL in-home 2-year warranty
  • Qualified service managers in all Australian capital cities
  • Extra-long massage track ensuring a head-to-toe therapeutic experience
  • Zero gravity – ‘feet above head’ mode for improved circulation and comfort
  • Voice activation for ease of use, change in massage settings and experience
  • Deep tissue or shiatsu strength massages or a gentle relaxing wind-down


Check out our range on the website or call us on 1300 88 6547 today to find the best massage chair for you.