Medi Pro Chiro 4D Massage Chair


Like your own qualified professional therapist, it utilises stretching and therapeutic movements as well as the complete body massage.

Zone 1 $295

Metro Melbourne, Metro Sydney, Metro Adelaide, Metro Canberra

Zone 2 $395

Metro Brisbane

Zone 3 $595

Metro Perth


Medi Pro Chiro Massage Chair 2021

*Arriving Late April*


Like your own qualified professional therapist, the Medi Pro CHIRO utilises stretching and therapeutic movements as well as the complete body massage.
Whether you’re training for a championship game or constantly on the go for work, stiffness in your muscles and achy joints make it difficult for you to feel your best. A massage will certainly help you relax and unwind after a long day, but it also benefits your body and overall health.

While the dedicated lower rollers and airbags relieve aches and pains in your legs, hips, waist and lower back by contouring to the shape of your body and focusing solely in this area. The double massage rollers emulate professional, lifelike massage techniques such as knocking, kneading, tapping, shiatsu and gliding pressure.

The upper rollers have the ability to pivot from the track to apply downward pressure giving a neck and shoulder massage that feels just like it would from a professional massage therapist.

Medi-Pro Chiro Uses Optical Sensors
The CHIRO will automatically scan your body and measure your unique physiology. Detecting spinal curvature along with your height and width, the CHIRO maps your muscles, joints and your all-important pressure points delivering that custom massage you are looking for.


• 4D massage mechanism
• Four massage rollers in super long SL-shape frame.
• Air pressure programs and contours to your body going from the shoulder to sole.
• The recline of the chair Slides forward to save space in the comfort of your home.
• 12 different kinds of programmable massage techniques
• Zero-Gravity massage for full comfort
• 7-inch LED touch screen
• Bluetooth connection for high quality music
• automatic foot extension to 16cm
• 3D switch button
• USB Charger for your phone
• AI voice control for activation and massage change.

If you are looking for the most advanced massage chair on the market, the Medi Pro Chiro should be at the top of your list.
Massage chair comes in Black

Massage chair dimensions boxed 164 x 72 x 92 125kgs + additional box 145 x 40 x 72cm 27kgs
Net weight 120kgs

Massage Chair Unboxed 161 x 81 x 121

Main body 146 x 75 x 95, 85 Kgs

Armrest 146 x 43 x 77, 35 Kgs

Footrest 58 x 57 x 57, 26 Kgs


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  1. J Jonas QLD

    “We now have our new relaxation chair and we are absolutely delighted with it. It was a surprise present for my husband and he was over the moon when it arrived. Thank you for your prompt service and delivery, and thankyou to the lovely lady I spoke to when ordering the chair she was very helpful” J. Jonas QLD

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