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Health-Pro Tap & Go Single Vending Massage Chair


Innovative, Contactless, Premium, Vending Massage Chair.  Ready for you and your customers.


Description of the Health-Pro Tap & Go Single

Invest in something that will benefit both your business and your customers.  Many spend hundreds of dollars for the satisfaction of a fully personalized massage, but you can give your customers the convenient relief they seek for a small fraction of the cost!

The Health-Pro tap & Go Single is an effective way for you to make money, attract customers, and keep them in your store or business longer. This dynamic massage chair allows you to control pricing  and time limit.  Users will enjoy the rich synthetic leather, which provides the ideal combination of luxury and durability to ensure the longevity of your massage chair even after frequent use.

The benefit of a Health-Pro tap & Go Single is the Low investment, quick return, and profit forever.  No cost to operate, little maintenance, no employees, all offer high potential profit margins.  Over time vending massage chairs become more and more frequented, people love to enjoy a quick massage to relieve pressure, and they will return.  You make additional money from customers and in no time each massage will be pure profit.


Public Locations:

Airport, Train Stations and Travel Rental, Mall or Shopping Center, Cinema, Internet Cafes, Military Bases, Casinos and Arcade Game Centers, Laundromat, Car wash and car maintenance, Hospital, Dental and Medical Office, Health and Beauty Service.


Office, Staff Room and Tea Room locations;

A good massage chair works to relax your muscles by stimulating the blood flow to areas of your back that have been lacking in oxygen and nutrients. … So, not only do massage chairs help calm down things like back pain, they can also help with things like headaches, since a common cause of headaches is excess tension.

Having a workplace massage is good for business. Due to its stress-busting effect, it improves productivity and mental function. In the long run, it lowers anxiety levels and keeps your employees functioning at their peak.


Features of the Health-Pro 7000s

  1. Four massage rollers in super long SL-shape track
  2. Air pressure programs for shoulder, arm, hand, and calf.
  3. Voice reminder to inform consumers to do payment when seated over 1 min without payment.
  4. Shortcut buttons: on/off, backrest up, backrest down, airbag intensity, massage strength.
  5. USB port for charging
  6. EPU leather, very high durable, eco-friendly.
  7. Unique calf kneading massager technology.
  8. Coin, Bill and Card Payment are available.
  9. Zero gravity function. 10.Vending management system

*Our Commercial chairs are covered by a full on-site 1-Year Commercial Warranty, Read More.



Innovative, contactless card reader and telemetry device.

We use the Nayax Onyx Units for Cashless EFT payment and monitoring of the chairs, the units will be installed prior to purchase, all you need to do is register an account for you Nayax unit to start operation.