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Medi-Pro Physio 4D Bio-Health-Scan Massage Chair


If you are looking for the most advanced massage chair on the market, the Medi-Pro Physio 4D Bio-Health-Scan should be at the top of your list.

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Medi-Pro Physio 4D Bio-Health-Scan Massage Chair


  • The Medi-Pro Physio 4D Bio-Health-Scan Massage Chair has a patented physiological index detection system. Monitoring heart rate, blood oxygen, microcirculation and you can use this to take to your next doctors visit to help monitor and maintain your health and wellbeing.
  • The Medi-Pro Physio 4D Bio-Health-Scan Massage Chair includes the NEW revolutionary four-way foot massage, including, foot rollers, foot and calf air bags, triple motion calf kneading and heated foot and calf pads for a full relaxation of the feet, ankles and calf muscles.
  • Medi-Pro Physio 4D Bio-Health-Scan Massage Chair Uses Optical Sensors will automatically scan your body and measure your unique physiology. Detecting spinal curvature along with your height and width, the Medi-Pro Physio 4D Bio-Health-Scan Massage Chair maps your muscles, joints and your all-important pressure points delivering that custom massage you are looking for.
  • The fast reversal technique, the Medi-Pro Physio 4D Bio-Health-Scan Massage Chair innovatively developed the two-way rotary foot kneading technique, which performs foot kneading, which is accomplished in conjunction with foot heating. This technique provides the best foot massage experience and is great for your health and longevity.
  • In accordance with the principles of ergonomics, the Medi-Pro Physio 4D Bio-Health-Scan Massage Chair massage chair links the armrest and the backrest together to perform a whole-body massage, so that the users may enjoy a high-quality massage experience.
  • The Medi-Pro Physio 4D Bio-Health-Scan Massage Chair massage chair uses space capsule-type armrests, embedded air bags, and a textured surface, which means the arms get a comfortable massage, irrespective of the angle at which the chair is reclined. This feature in combination with the air pressure massage on seat and leg areas, and the zero-gravity function, allows your body to enjoy a relaxation sensation in comfort.
  • The L-shaped mechanism provides in-depth massage, observing the body’s S-shaped curve. The mechanical core can reach the lower part of the buttocks and thighs. The curved rail matches the human body perfectly, which results in an accurate massage that stimulates the acupoints on the back, relieves fatigue, and helps the users recover their physical fitness.
  • The chair boasts an independent leg rest design, which is suited for the user’s individual massage needs: The Medi-Pro Physio 4D Bio-Health-Scan Massage Chair leg rest is designed with an independent control capability to suit individual intensity needs and provides a customised massage to suit different massage requirements.
  • Bluetooth connectivity for 3D speakers and “Music Sync” function whereby Music controls the massage function for a completely immersive and interactive experience.Heated rollers,
  • Play some classical orchestral music for a soft relaxing massage or change it up and play some AC DC Rock music for a strong deep tissue experience
  • 7 inch 3D Curved touch screen tablet, WIFI enabled to play music and movies,
  • USB port for charging phone or tablet


  1. Super long L-shape rail design, rollers moving from top to seat area can achieve any angle massage to the thighs, experience the comfort of the whole-body massage.
  2. One-touch key lying down to flat angle and true zero gravity function can effectively relieve pressure on the spine and joints, enjoy the physical and mental relaxation of the comfortable feeling; footrest lifting position is a little higher than the user’s heart position at recline angle of the backrest, which helps to provide more oxygen to the brain.
  3. National patented 4D flexible swing & heating massage machine with 8 rollers makes the massage stronger and deeper. With a quick back rubbing technique.
  4. Intelligent auto detection function which confirm the massage range according to the body shape.
  5. Slide forward before lying down, saving space from the wall (8cm).
  6. Air pressure massage for shoulder, waist, arm, butt, calf and foot.
  7. Back and forth rolling, scraping and air squeezing massage for feet. The rollers also have heat function which can provide a warm therapy for foot soles.
  8. Extendable footrest, Maximum 20cm suitable for people with different height.
  9. Heat on Lower Back and Foot Soles.
  10. Blue-tooth connection with tablet or cell phone both in Android or IOS system. You can download an APP to control the chair. Wireless Bluetooth music player can effectively adjust your mood and ease mental fatigue.
  11. Fashionable LED light design on shoulder and armrest.
  12. USB socket inside the right armrest can be used for charging devices.
  13. Innovative Leg Rubbing function. Leg muscles rubbing massages can effectively improve leg pain and restore health of legs.
  14. With patent physiological index detection system. monitoring heart rate. blood oxygen. microcirculation and make report for the healthcare station
  15. 9cm touch screen computer control, easy to operate with audio and video function, which can connect with wifi and play music and videos.
  16. Ionizer air purification technology can absorb harmful substances in the air, purify the local air quality and protect your health.

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Manufacturer: Comtek

Founded in 1984 in Zhaoyuan, Shandong, Kangtai initially manufactured high quality Electric Instrumentation. In 2001 Kangtai, partnering with Panasonic, expanded its product lines to include the first massage chair ever produced in China. The chairs proved so successful over the years that today kangtai has expanded its operations to encompass two large manufacturing facilities, five innovative R&D centers located in Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen, Qingdao and Yantai with an international office in the United States of America. Because of its ample resources and technological expertise developed over the years, which include over 120 engineers and 80 quality control personnel, Kangtai has been able to expand its product lines to include state of the art massage chairs, luxury automobile seats and cutting edge instrumentation. Kangtai’s development over the years has been remarkable and today it stands as a leader in its field.


Massage chair comes in Black & Beige

Massage Chair Unboxed 161 x 81 x 121

Main body 152 x 79 x 95, 85 Kgs

Armrest 98 x 39 x 71, 35 Kgs

Footrest 58 x 57 x 61, 26 Kgs