Want premium massage chairs for half the price?

Purchasing a massage chair can be a big investment, but an investment in your relaxation and comfort is certainly worth it.

As an Australian owned business of 16 years focussed solely on relaxation and wellness, Relaxation Station has done the hard work for you in sourcing the best products from overseas manufacturers. We have dealt with the latest premium brands and products for well over a decade and can make your shopping experience smoother by eliminating the risks of buying from an untrusted website.

You may have seen TV and online advertising for massage chairs where no price is quoted but a long list of features and benefits is shown. Compared to these big brand names, our range of Medi pro Osteo, Medi Pro Physio 4D and Medi pro Chiro 4D meet all therapeutic requirements and are often half the cost.

We have always focussed on bringing the best products to Australian customers at the most competitive price. There is no need for you to pay more because the chair has been advertised on TV.

Relaxation Station

When you purchase a Relaxation Station massage chair, you can expect:

  • Built with high quality workmanship and finish
  • A FULL in-home 2-year warranty
  • Qualified service managers in all Australian capital cities
  • Extra-long massage track ensuring a head-to-toe therapeutic experience
  • Zero gravity – ‘feet above head’ mode for improved circulation and comfort
  • Voice activation for ease of use, change in massage settings and experience
  • Deep tissue or shiatsu strength massages or a gentle relaxing wind-down



Don’t pay between $5,000-$7,000 for a brand name when you could save up to 50%!

Not only could you save money on the latest and premium massage chairs, as advertised on TV, simply by choosing to buy through us, we also take out the hassle of high-pressured sales tactics calling constantly after a basic enquiry.

At Relaxation Station, we pride ourselves on providing Australian’s with the largest range of the best chairs at very competitive rates. Our 16 years’ experience in the industry helps us guide you to the massage chair that is right for you. We believe there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ chair and we aim to understand your needs from massage strength and variety, chair size, colour and of course, budget.


Check out our range on the website or call us on 1300 88 6547 today to find the best massage chair for you.